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Decorative Carpets

Living Room Carpet


Since the living rooms are more formal areas, it is important that the carpets to be used in these areas are light-colored. Living room carpets are larger in size than other carpets.


Kitchen Carpet


Kitchens are the areas in the home where the risk of oil and dirt is highest. Therefore, dark carpet types are suitable for these areas. Of course, it is also important that the carpet to be purchased fits the shape of the kitchen.


Bedroom Carpet


In bedrooms, two small carpets are usually used, as the furniture covers a significant part of the surface. The colors of these carpets are often dark tones.


Hallway Carpet


Corridors get dirty quickly because they are underfoot. Therefore, dark weighted carpets should be preferred.


Bathroom carpet


Bathroom rugs are generally round in shape. Of course, it is possible to find different types of carpets.


Kids Room Carpet


Children's rooms are produced in colorful tones to reflect more joy and energy. A single large carpet or two small carpets can be used depending on the width of the remaining area of the carpet types to be used here.


Balcony Carpet


The dark color of the balcony carpets is important in terms of delaying pollution. Rectangular carpets are generally used in this area.

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