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Decorative Carpets

Choosing Carpet Colors According to Room Environments

Although there are many types of carpets today, not every carpet can be used in every environment. Especially when it comes to color, there are many things to consider. The room environment, that is, the area where the carpet will be used, is the first among these.

Black & Anthracite & Gray Carpets

Since black, anthracite or gray hides the dirt better, it is more appropriate to use carpets in this color in areas where dirt is intense, such as the kitchen or doorway.


White & Cream & Beige Carpets

White, cream and beige carpets are recommended to be used in places further away from dirt, such as the living room or guest room, as they can get dirty easily.


Red & Claret Red Carpets

Red and burgundy carpets are more suitable for children's rooms and parent bedrooms.


Green Shades Carpets

Green tone carpet colors can also be used for children's rooms or living rooms.


Copper & Bronze & Brown Carpets

Copper, bronze and brown carpets can be used in almost any environment as they are intermediate colors.


Blue & Navy Blue & Turquoise Carpets

Since blue and navy blue carpets are also dark colored carpets, they are suitable for areas with a lot of dirt and dust.


Gold & Yellow & Orange Carpets

Since gold and orange carpets are among the light carpet colors, they should be used in places that are not considered underfoot.


Pink & Purple Carpets

Pink and purple carpets are also more suitable for children's rooms.


Multicolor Carpets

Multicolor carpets, which are among the carpet trends of recent years, can be used at different points of the house depending on the color mix.

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